1. Where can I find out more information about sugar and health?

Launched in 2014 by AB Sugar, Making Sense of Sugar helps inform and educate people about sugar and the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet.  It provides factual information based on robust science for everyone so you can make informed choices about what you choose to consume. Please head to Making Sense of Sugar or follow them @senseofsugar from more information.

2. How do you make Silver Spoon Sugar?

Please see our Field to Spoon page to see how our sugar is made from sugar beet.

3. What is the difference between sugar beet and sugar cane?

Sugar beet is a root crop and grows in the soil in cooler climates, whereas sugar cane grows above the ground in hotter climates.

The processing method differs slightly but the resulting sugars taste and perform the same.

4. How many sugar beets make a bag of sugar?

You can get about 1 tonne of refined sugar from 6 tonnes of sugar beet. That means approximately 4 - 6 sugar beets produce a 1kg bag of sugar!

5. Why does sugar not have a Best Before Date?

Sugar does not have a Best Before Date because it is a single ingredients product and these do not have a Best Before Date as specified by regulations.

6. What does the letter 'e' mean next to the weight on Silver Spoon products?

The e-mark is used on labels to show that products have been packed in compliance with the European Community ‘average weight’ system (Directive 76/211/EC). The Directives set strict rules that are to be adhered to by manufacturers in order to ensure a consistency of fill and provide confidence to the consumer.

7. What sweeteners do Silver Spoon produce?

For information on our sweeteners please visit our Sugar Alternatives page.

8. Where can I find some more recipe inspiration?

Our friends over at Baking Mad have lots of recipes on their website using Silver Spoon products.

9. Where can I buy Silver Spoon products?

Our products are available at most major retailers.

10. Which Silver Spoon products are suitable for different dietary needs?

All Silver Spoon products are suitable for vegans apart from Royal Icing Sugar, Fondant Icing Sugar, Icing Sugar, Granulated Sweetener and Sweetener Tablets. Royal Icing Sugar contains egg. Fondant Icing Sugar and Icing Sugar may contain egg. Granulated Sweetener and Sweetener Tablets may contain milk from lactose as a result of packing in the factory.  All other products are dairy free.

Jam sugar does not contain any allergens. The glycerol used in our Jam Sugar is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it does not originate from animal sources. 

All Silver Spoon products are gluten free and nut free.

11. I have an allergy to grasses, can I use Silver Spoon Sugar?

It is believed that anyone suffering from 'Grasses Allergy' can use beet sugar but should avoid 'cane' sugar. (Please note Silver Spoon brown sugars contain cane molasses).