Half Spoon Granulated Sugar
Real sugar is combined with a tiny amount of sweeteners to give you all the lovely taste and crunch of sugar, with half the calories.
You use Silver Spoon Half Spoon just like granulated sugar but the added sweetener makes it twice as sweet, so you only need to use half as much.

For baking, use half the amount of Silver Spoon Half Spoon instead of the quantity of sugar stated in the recipe. Additional baking powder may also be needed.

Pack Size
500g, 1kg

Product Nutritional Information
Per 100g Per Average Serving: Half A Teaspoon (2g)
Energy kJ/Kcal 1700 kJ/400kcal 34 kJ/8 kcal
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 98.9g 1.9g
of which sugars 98.9g 1.9g
of which polyols (not mandatory) n/a n/a
Fibre (not mandatory) n/a n/a
Protein 0.8g 0g
Salt 0g 0g

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