Healthier Choices
If you are watching the calories, why not try our range of low calorie sweetening products?


Truvia® is a calorie-free sweetener made from the leaves of the stevia plant; a naturally sweet tasting plant. Its granular form gives it the crunchy texture of sugar but with none of the calories. You’ll only need a third of a teaspoon to sweeten like one teaspoon of regular sugar, and you can buy it either in a spoonable jar or in made to measure sachets.
Half Spoon

Half Spoon is made with real sugar and a tiny amount of sweetener. Halve the amount of sugar you would normally use and keep all the taste and texture of sugar, with just half the calories.

The FSA* recommends you try halving the sugar you use. And with Half Spoon you can and still enjoy the same sweetness.

*Food Standards Agency
Low Calorie Sweetener Range

Available in tablet and granular form, Silver Spoon Sweetness & Light low calorie sweetener is a great alternative to sugar, with virtually no calories. Try it in hot drinks or sprinkled on cereals or fruit.